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Facilitator bio Ashish Patel is the founder and lead trainer at Reinforce Insights. The purpose of the Reinforce Insights is to provide training solutions to corporate executives and individuals.

His highest qualification is MBA from Australian Catholic University in Sydney. After a long tenure of 6 years in Australia's largest retail organization as a Customer Service Leader, he developed a keen interest in sharing his experience and knowledge which he gained in the areas of Customer Care. He accumulated solid hands-on experience in face-to- face and online interactions with potentially all the international customers. His strong desire in “helping companies do better” compelled him to find his calling into corporate training industry to improve people's work life and help them grow faster at the workplace.

Being a part of the global, dynamic and ever-evolving city of Sydney, he has understood the fast moving world of business. He has exposure to the diverse business environment and organization culture, interact with business leaders and thinkers and make a deep, lasting connection with people from all over the world.

With a strong aspiration to provide corporate solutions to working people and organization, he invented ‘Reinforce Insights' to tailor their needs and objectives in India.

Ashish is an ardent cricket fan, car enthusiast and a beach cricket maniac. Besides, he loves acting and is a natural dancer. He is also a music freak, so he meditates himself connecting to his iPhone music.

Message from Ashish Welcome to Reinforce Insights. We appreciate your interest in Reinforce Insights and hope information provided here will give you a better understanding of our company.

Our mission is to deliver innovative services that exceed customer expectations. To do this, Reinforce operates with high standards and dedicated to solve company problems with innovative ideas that work.

What sets us apart is the drive which is not dominated by only games or boring lectures but by realistic training concepts which are implementable immediately after the training. We encourage innovation whilst ensure that our customers remain the focus of our business. We deliver a highly professional and quality service, whilst ensuring that we benefit our customer by increasing their ROI.

Our training is focused on reinforcing people's attitude, knowledge and skills to help them modify their approach toward the ideas that work not only for their own benefits but also the organization as a whole.

Reinforce understands your constraints such as budget, time and technology. Taking this into account, we are passionate about finding the right solution that will meet your goals which will add value to your organization.

We aim to build a beneficial relationship with you that help you meet your long term goals and business objectives, one which results in long-term value to you.

Thanks again for visiting us. To learn more about our offerings please contact us.