Soft Skill Training


Communication is the soul of workplace wellness. Effective communication keeps the organization at peak and enhances decision making.

Nearly all work or activity involves communications and interactions. Effective workplace communication is based on interpersonal, professional relationships that are developed through a keen awareness of courtesy, active listening, appropriate body language, writing, tone, questioning and empathizing. Communication is more than words used to convey a message. When it comes to conversation, Albert Mehrabian found only 7% of the speaker's message was communicated by words, and that tone of voice was responsible for about 38% of the meaning, and body language was responsible for about 55% that when it came to discussing emotions. This means the words themselves played only a very small part in conveying meaning. In other conversations (not the ones about emotions), we know that tone of voice and body language still have a significant influence on meaning.


- Change Management - Managing Difficult Conversations - Communication Strategies
- Active Listening - Business Writing - Business Writing – Advanced
- Reports and Proposals Writing - Presentation Skills - Presentation Skills - Advanced