Soft Skill Training


Why Us?

We have innovated ‘Reinforce concept’ to bring changes in the organizations.

The idea behind this concept is to provide unique benefits to our customers. While our standard training focuses on providing information and strengthening knowledge, our customised training will focus on meeting the needs of the participant’s value and align it with the organization goals. Our training solution will ensure all the company needs are adequately met and the learning outcomes would be put into live production with the help of the following reasons:

No Nonsense

We conduct training programs which exist in reality. We tend to work and speak not as a lecturer but as a tone of participants. There is a consistent effort to help others learn, competently explain and demonstrate the job tasks and enjoy delivering training for better results. There will be no usage of complicated languages that confuse trainees. Only ideas will be shared which will compel participants to put into practice without delay.

Multi-source Assessment

For the training to be successful, it is important to measure its effectiveness. Reinforce Insights personnel conduct training with the objective that participants put the learning into practice when getting back to the workplace. We objectively analyse the impact of the training through Multi-source assessment.

Why Multi-source Assessment?

Because we simply don’t want participants to fill the evaluation form hurriedly and walk out of the door after the training. This would not give us a clear picture of whether they truly learned and whether they can apply what they learned. In order to assess learning ideas effectively, we conduct evaluations at every element of learning process. The ‘VICTORY’ training process is itself an effect of multi-source assessment. The process includes 360 degree holistic assessment before, during and after the training.

Programs are tailored to your needs

Organizations faces numerous challenges in today’s world but they also have opportunities. The competitive edge that company seeks, by getting the results it needs, is simply not going to accomplish through training programs. Our training programs are carefully designed to take account of your organisation’s unique circumstances and specific goals. And we take this further with careful attention to the individual needs of your staff who attend the training. Everyone has a particular learning style that suits them best and our programs make sure that all can enjoy and benefit from the training. And after the training, there’s a thorough follow-up review to make sure you’ve got the training you wanted.

Structured learning deliveries

No conventional lecture-style training! Participants who take part in our programs are carefully guided through structured training concepts which they will acquire and confidently apply new knowledge and skills back to their work. Participants will be empowered to work better and produce better results. And it doesn’t stops here for us. We are committed to new advances and innovations every year and incorporate new ideas to our training programs.

Based on Adult-learning principles and Experiential learning

We seek to create change! We do not believe in games dominated workshops or delivering boring lectures. Adults cannot be threatened, coerced, or tricked into learning something new. They prefer to learn by sharing their ideas and experience from each other in a group. Our motto is to transfer their learning into practice back to the workplace. Participants will learn best when they use their previous experience that furthers learning. They will be shown an example or two to get them in and ‘giving it go’. The courses will be run in a hands-on way to keep the participants practically engaged with the range of learning activities, discussing, collaborating and testing ideas. The ideal platform will be set to enable participants to take on new experiences by modifying old behaviours into conclusions, new concepts, and theories and implement straight after the course.

Adults learning style Reinforce Insights will ensure...
Why: Some learners view classroom situations as a risk. Some activities, questions, and/or role plays may make them feel insecure, or as though their self-esteem and egos are on the line.
How: The learning environment will be physically and psychologically comfortable. Learning environment will be created in a way where they feel safe stepping outside their comfort zone.
Why: Adult learners tell us that they prefer single concept, single theory courses that are practical and applicable to their problems.
How: The topics covered will be appropriate to the learning objectives. E.g. communication skills course will be held separately from learning how to use their new phone or computer.
Why: Adults are problem centred (no problem, not as interested in learning) and practical.
How: The programs are designed to meet the problem objective by using collaborative, authentic problem-solving activities. Participant will be trying the ideas and concept learned rather than observing in the workshop.
Why: They need to move through the learning cycle and integrate new ideas with what they already know.
How: Prior experience of the participants will be recalled that relates to the topic of learning.
Why: Some adults prefer self-directed and self-designed learning projects.
How: The participants will be given enough resources, guides and encouragement to help them plan for direct application of the new information.
Why: Adults have expectations. How: That everybody’s expectation is clarified at the beginning of a workshop through establishment of ground rules and shared learning objectives before the course gets underway.
Why: Adults bring a lot of life experience into the classroom How: That we ask questions, create small group discussions, include peer teaching. Sharing and discussion time will be included in the program design.