Soft Skill Training

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For Individuals

Is anyone who doesn't want to grow and develop faster than others at work place?

Why soft skills are essential? An individual needs both – Hard as well as Soft skills. Every individual has technical or hard skills such as computer software and IT knowledge, operate machines, apply taxation law, injecting a vaccine, making financial analysis etc that their job demands. However, to do your job effectively you must possess soft skills. And the good thing is - like hard skills you can also learn soft skills!

- Communicate well with peers, team leaders, managers and CEO.
- Demonstrate your ability to work in a team, delivering presentations.
- Develop positive attitude, identify and build your character, improve behaviours, be trusted and remembered.

What can soft skills do for me? Soft skills becomes very essential when you are a fresher and do not have any particular sets of hard skills. To get employment and become stand out, soft skills gives you advantage while facing interview. In short, soft skills are the people skills that can make you an excellent employee at work place. In broad terms, it includes –

- Interaction with co-workers
- Building relationship
- Workplace professionalism
- Ability to adapt and think creatively to solve problems
- Working in a team and collaboratively
- Ability to empathize with others
- Ability to listen, speak and write
- Demonstrate body language, ethics and etiquettes
- Dealing with stress and conflict

Hard skills will drive you to interview but Soft skills will drive you to the job

Do I need soft skills?
If you are making constant advancement in your desired job, then you definitely have soft skills. However, you would like to be assessed if they are working against you. Opportunities such as promotions and better jobs will only knock the door when you are capable of demonstrating good soft skills. If you are failing to recognise the growing importance of soft skills you could be missing out on excellent opportunities, so identify which skills you have by considering what you do well and how you approach certain situations and problems. Employers are increasingly searching for more than a qualification, and highlighting your soft skills can put you at a considerable advantage over similarly qualified candidates.

Our courses for Individuals
- Emotional Intelligence
- Leadership skills for supervisor - Communication, coaching and conflict
- Emotional Intelligence
- Meeting Management
- Mastering the Interview
- Creative Thinking and Innovation
- Critical thinking
- Building Your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills
- Active Listening
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- Workplace Communication skills
- Business Writing Skills
- Public Speaking (Presentation Skills)
- Business Etiquettes
- Conflict Resolution
- Building Your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills
- Time Management
- Stress Management
- Business Etiquettes
Customer service training

Seats Availability and Cancellation We organize workshops with limited seats to make the learning experience personal and focused. Applicants can send us online inquiry or walk-in our office to register for the program and Reinforce Insights will get in touch to lead you for further instructions. In the event of applicant’s cancellation, course fees shall be refunded in full, provided at least 24 hours’ notice is given prior to course commencement. No refunds or no rescheduling will be given in respect to applicant’s cancellation received less than 24 hours prior to commencement of the scheduled course.

For any program cancelled 24 hours before the workshop, applicants will not be refunded. Applicants will have to re-apply to reschedule for next workshop.

Certification Participants will be given ‘Course Completion Certificate’ from Reinforce Insights upon successful completion of the course. This certificate will act as your sales tool when you target further advancement in your current job or searching for a new job.