Soft Skill Training


FutureThink Presents the Next Generation in Corporate Learning (NEW YORK, Aug. 6, 2013) — Controversial studies suggest that people remember 10 percent of what they read, 20 percent of what they hear, 50 percent of what they see and 90 percent of what they do.

How to get a job at Google Once there, said Bock, make sure that you're getting out of it not only a broadening of your knowledge but skills that will be valued in today's workplace. Your college degree is not a proxy anymore for having the skills or traits to do any job.

The need of soft skills training Up until now professional qualification was enough, but in contemporary times, besides having a superb degree one also needs to have an extraordinary personality and the right attitude.

Skills gap remains a worry for IT product companies: Survey The national employability survey on engineering graduates by the firm states that nearly 92% of engineering graduates lack computer programming and algorithms skill required for IT product companies whereas 56% show lack of soft skills and cognitive skills.

IT hiring could come down by 17 per cent this fiscal: Nasscom "Campus hiring may be 60 per cent of what it was last year," he said, adding that now employers are focusing more on soft skills and leadership qualities than on technical skills. According to an analysis, three years back 80 per cent focus was on technical skills "but now only 40 per cent focus is on technical skills and the rest is on soft skills and Domain," Mittal said.

Germany, China, India working to out-compete us: Obama

"Jobs know no borders, and companies are able to seek out the best-educated, most highly-skilled workers wherever they live. And that's where the good jobs and the good pay and the good benefits is going to be," Obama said.

Corporate training workshops promise to make a difference

Budgets are becoming tight for many companies during the current economic scenario, but some companies like Aircel, Vodafone , Nestle , and Cipla are still investing in corporate training workshops that promises to teach ways to enhance profitability.

Customer Service is Crucial in a Downturn India is challenged by a different problem: Providers of service and support there overestimated many aspects of their service and support delivery relative to how customers felt about it—much more so than the other surveyed countries. Nearly 88% of providers think they have retained their customers through superior customer service and support. But 44% of their customers indicated they had switched providers in the past year due to poor customer service. This high level of dissatisfaction often occurs in emerging markets such as India—and is even more pronounced there because many citizens there have been exposed to high service levels in other countries.

Soft Skills are a must: MBA recruiters.

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