Soft Skill Training


Learn to make good use of your resources while skilfully achieving both your personal and professional goals.

Earn a lot of money and respect, influence people, make your family happy, maintain work quality, become an expert in your field and gain career advancement through sharpening your own skills. Goals, values and priorities differ between people although they are personally effective in numerous ways e.g. skilled problem solver can be effective based on what they want to achieve.

If you aren't sure about long-term, what do you want to achieve in the short or medium-term? What skills do you wish to acquire pertinent to your goals? How can you invest your time and effort to get the best return on all your efforts and talents? The general approach is learning through experience, which ensures proficiency on intellectual, attitude, knowledge, behavioural and emotional level. The workshop on personal effectiveness will ensure each participant's personal and professional beliefs and obstacles would be actively worked out that prevent his/her time from managing effectively. Participants will walk away with the self-awareness and skills necessary to meet their personal and professional goals.


- Influence and Persuasion Skills - Business Etiquette - Conflict Resolution - Conflict Resolution – Difficult   People Management
- Self Esteem and Assertiveness   Skills - Time Management - Stress Management - Mastering the Interview


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